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4 channel amplifier with DSP and Bluetooth

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High performance speaker building has never been easier. The ZOUDIO AIO4CH combines all modern features in one easy to use and affordable module. The included wiring harness makes installation quick and reliable. The compact form factor allows for installation in nearly every speaker. Due to its high efficiency it puts out a lot more power than its size suggests. Besides long-range Bluetooth streaming, wired input is supported. The DSP allows for powerful filtering, in some cases replacing a big and expensive passive crossover altogether. Settings can easily be changed using the Windows™ configuration tool.

The AIO4CH provides an all-in one audio solution


Speaker 4 channel class D amplifier
Configurable as 4.0 / 2.0 / 2.1
DSP Digital Signal Processor
Configurable in/outputs, equalizers, crossovers and delay
Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.2
with APT-X / A2DP / AAC and True Wireless Stereo to
link two modules wirelessly. Wired input also available.
Windows Windows configuration tool
Easy configuration of volume, power and DSP options
Power supply Wide range of accepted power supplies
5 to 24 Volt with programmable undervoltage protection
High power High power and high efficiency in a small footprint


FolderDatasheet ToolsConfiguration tool


Mounting hardware Programmer Cable set
-12 ferrules
-4 sticky mounting feet
-Micro-USB cable
-JST cable with status LED, volume knob and 3.5mm (1/8″) socket.
-DC 5.5×2.1mm socket with cable
-1x LED with panel mount holder for BT status
-2x JST cable to solder to your own pushbuttons for TWS/EQ
-5dBi antenna with double sided adhesive


The AIO4CH can be used in different types of projects, let your imagination run wild!

From floor speaker to automotive applications, you come up with it and you can build it.

Do you want to get ideas, the latest updates and see what the community has already made?

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 121 × 60 × 18 mm

4 reviews for ZOUDIO AIO4CH

  1. Jesse

    Great product! Makes speaker building much easier!

  2. Lars

    Big WOW. Coming from plug-and-play class D amplifiers, this is a whole other thing! The AIO4CH works & sounds 10x better than my previous setups after easily/quickly applying some filters in the useful configurator app.

    Seller is also super helpful, answered my question within 10 minutes. Would buy this product again without doubt for other projects in the future.

  3. Joe from USA

    This amp is a Gem! I can play music through it from Windows 10 or my iPhone, which ever is most convenient. Sound is exceptional and as good as my Aune T1 through tube amps – Texas Instruments really got it right in their all digital stream, word to PWM converter at the output stage. This is an amp I can live with, drives 2, 15″ FR from 100Hz up and two 4 ohm, 18″ assists from 100Hz down, does the rising response with lowering frequency for my OB mounting too! It goes as loud as I can stand listening and then some! At normal listening levels sound is transparent and staging imaging detail is quite captivating. Thanks for a great product – I’m going to order a 2nd – a true bargain for what it does for me!

  4. Hans

    Heb in de huiskamer een dure lyngdorf 2170 met roomcorrection staan. Deze miniscule versterker klinkt net zo goed voor een fractie van de prijs. Dit is met recht een audiofiele geheimtip.


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